Sunday, May 12, 2013

May's First Saturday

Porsche BoxsterLast Saturday was another First Saturday and it was a busy day with Porsche cars in the morning and Volkswagen cars in the afternoon.  In between I gave the Jetta some much needed love and attention as well.  The weather was great on Saturday a bit overcast and threatening to toss out some rain but other than a couple lite sprinkles in the late afternoon it was a gorgeous day outside to enjoy cars and friends.

To start off the day it was off to the Porsche dealership for the latest Porsche Coffee and Cars event.  This one also included the unveiling of the the all new Porsche Cayman.  I had seen it two weeks before hand and it was gorgeous.  I was sworn to secrecy about the car and I kept quit about it but I soon found out at the unveiling that many other people had also seen it before hand too.

What's under the cover?The usual suspects showed up for the event and the drive.  But then something showed up that grabbed everyone's attention.  A paint to match Mexico Blue new Boxster.  I saw it at the same time that I saw the new Cayman but it was raining and miserable out at the time so I never got any pictures of it but I grabbed a lot of them on Saturday.  I hope I just got the color right on the car as it's a hard color to match as it changes depending on the light.

Soon enough it was time for everyone to take off on their drive and for me to head back home and get the Jetta cleaned up for the afternoon.  You can find the pictures here -- May Porsche Coffee and Cars.

VW Golf GTi  With the Jetta cleaned up I headed over to the Park for the BBQ part of the Volkswagen meet up.  I actually ended up being the first one there and had an issue finding anywhere to park and even worse found my self on a one way street that took me right out of the park so I ended up driving around the park a few more times than I had wanted to.  Finally more people showed up and we got things going and I took some pictures. Finished with the BBQ we headed out to meet at the usual place to meet other VW peeps to go on the drive.

The drive was fun but I remember why I don't go on many as I experienced brake fade for the first time (do not want!!!!) and after the drive the transmission has been acting up for the entire rest of the week.  Just means I need to do more work on the Jetta and in the end the fun outweighed the annoyances.  You can find the pictures here -- UTV BBQ and Drive

I did film the Porsche Coffee and Cars drive out again and here it is.

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