Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Bogus Basin Bacchanalia

911 GT3Oh yeah I look forward to this event every year.  My Porsche obsession gets a megadose of Porsche goodness this time of year and this year was no different.  A great turn out of various makes and models of Porsche cars.  I of course loved the 997 GT3 and that yellow 930 Turbo (which is apparently older than I thought it was).  But there's a lot of other stuff to like there as well.

Of course I always worry but have a fun time driving the ol' Project Jetta up and down Bogus Basin Rd during the event as well.  That some times is an adventure in it self.  I left way early so I'd get up there early to take some good pictures and I got plenty in the parking lot even if I forget that the Mountain does a great job hiding the sun longer than usual.

911 TurboI actually managed to drift the Jetta on a decreasing radius turn.  I was just getting a head of myself keeping up the speed and momentum then felt the backend get loose and there she went.  Kept it going the right way and got her back under control before any one saw anything.  First time I drifted the Jetta without the use of snow and yeah it caught me out a little bit.

On the way back it was less eventful and I got annoyed by some out of stater (driving another Jetta too) who was doing all of maybe 20mph down the hill and refused to use the slow car turn outs.  Finally got fed up with it and honked at him a few times and finally let my pass.  Everyone else didn't have a problem letting me by the rest of the way. 

Porsche 911 TurboSo that was my adventures.  The Bogus Basin Bacchanalia (BBB for short) pretty much was it's typical event.  It's actually the last Hill Cross event run for all of the Porsche Club of America. It's part of a multiday event weekend held by the Silver Sage PCA.    Things went for the most part smoothly had a few timing issues but that was sorted out quickly.  Had a few spins but the worst came in the afternoon when the 964 C4 Cabriolet lost it at turn 6 (rather notorious for bad times) and went off the hill backwards.  The good thing is that since it went off backwards the driver wasn't injured at all.  Which is a good outcome for how bad it looked.  The Mountain swallowed the car you could barely see it through the brush where he went off.

Porsche 911 TurboEveryone went home safe and sound even if it claimed another Porsche.  The 997 GT3 went home with the King of Hill trophy and the female co-driver of the 944 Turbo took home the Queen of the Hill Trophy.  I took lots of pictures and had a good time.  We got to hang out with the Bogus Basin Ski Patrol the second half of the day and I heard lots of good stories from the Mountain.  Oddly enough the only thing they had to patch up was one of their own from a fall.  But it was good to have them there helping out as well.

You can find all the pictures from the event on Flickr at this set -- 2013 BBB

This year since I just stayed at the speed trap for pictures and film so I did things a little bit differently with the videos this year.  I hope people enjoy how I edited the videos together.  You can find them all on my YouTube channel but here are a few of them.

The 911 GT3 cars

The 911 Turbos

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