Friday, June 7, 2013

Autox on May 25, 2013

_MG_9547Once again it took forever to get everything edited and uploaded.  Doesn't help when I go out and take other pictures from other events as well.  IE First Saturdays... In any case I uploaded the pictures a while ago but I only finished uploading the videos the other day and am now just getting around to writing about it.  For me it was the first Saturday event that I stayed for the entire time and for that I found out that I shouldn't do that as I just didn't feel like doing the half day on the following Sunday.

So while it was a two day event I only did pictures and videos on Saturday.  It was a pretty well attended weekend though even though there wasn't a Porsche amongst them.  The Silver Rock (VW Scirocco) came out to play for the first time this year and a beat up looking Saab 99 was also amongst the new cars there.  The Fiat 500 Abarth wasn't back...poo.  But there was a rather large gathering of the mighty Mitsubishi Lancer EVO which actually I think outnumbered the Honda S2000 cars this time (by like 1 car).

_MG_9630But it was the BMW M3 (E46) overload that I found out in the parking lot during the afternoon that was pretty cool though. Got a lot of pictures of those All that was missing was a Laguna Seca Blue car and some BMW M3 lovers would be going crazy.

The track this time around was a super fast track that found the Shifterkarts getting around it in sub 27sec times and some fast cars doing it in sub 30sec times.  You can find the results for Saturday here -- May 25 results.  Then you can also find Sunday's results here -- May 26 results.  And it totally looks like I should have shown up on Sunday with two Porsche cars in attendance.

_MG_9593There is another event coming up on the June 15-16th weekend but I skipping that one as I'll be doing a Silver Sage PCA autocross event this weekend and the Silver Sage PCA HIllcross (BBB) on the weekend of the 22-23 and I wanted a weekend off this month. 

You can find all the pictures from Satuday here -- Autox May 25th

When you're done there you can check out all the videos here -- YouTube

Here are a couple of the videos. People are really liking that I am grouping the cars together in classes so I'm going to stick with doing that.

Open Class

XB Class

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