Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June's First Saturday events

Porsche 911Holy hell it's already June and after a couple weeks of lovely spring weather we're finally getting the heat as it was very sunny and warm on Saturday and as it was the first Saturday of June that meant there were a few things going on that I was interested in checking out.  In the early morning it was the Porsche Coffee and Cars meet and drive (I just went to the meetup) after that was the first of two VW meets.  The First at high noon was the typical meet and the second was late in the evening and was a meetup for a short drive.  I was still crunching along with editing autocross pictures so I couldn't do any of the drives or BBQ after the first VW meet.  But I got tons of pictures and a few videos.

It was really bright out Saturday morning and I arrived a little later than I had planned to the Porsche Coffee and Cars and I was bombarded by folks as there is a Porsche only Auocross set up for next weekend and the annual Porsche Hill Cross two weekends after that some people had some questions about that.  So I got a little sidetracked and didn't get as many pictures as I though I could.  I did find hanging out at the back of the lot a Slantnose 911 (looked genuine but it was debadged so didn't know if it was a Turbo model or not. ) cabriolet so had to also grab a snap of that.  There was another slantnose on the drive but I'm pretty sure that one is not a genuine model. You can check out all the pictures on this set -- Porsche Coffee and Cars -- June.

VW Golf GTiIn addition to the usual drive out video I also did a little walk along the line up of cars as well edited it all together and slapped it up on YouTube.  You can check it out below.

Before you do that though...  So after I got home I just had to turn around and get ready to go to the first of two VW meets for the day. The first was at noon and the typical spot where we meet was taken so they decided to meet further down the parking lot.  Confused me for sure because I didn't see them from the usual place (blocked by a travel trailer).  I was expecting the normal lot of VW people but I was surprised by several new people and cars.  I didn't care I just picture taking happy and shot a lot.  Got a little burnt in the process though.  Saw one guy who honestly didn't even look old enough to be driving yet motor up for a little bit and then take off.  Saw the bagged Golf for the first time, and the new R32 which very much looks like any other Golf minus the center mount exhaust. 

VW Jetta GLiWent home worked on the pictures and before long it was already time for the second VW meetup. This one was to meet up and go for a short drive.  Again I still needed to finish those pictures and my Jetta still didn't like me after the last drive so I just went to take some pictures and say hi and what not.  For the most part it was different people who showed up to the second meet so a whole new set of pictures needed to be taken and I decided that I'd film the roll out like do the Porsche event.  Only I should have zoomed in a lot more.  Oh well maybe next time.

You can find the pictures here -- June's First Saturday.

Now for those videos.  Here's the Porsche video

And here is the VW roll out with a little added bonus at the end.

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