Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Silver Sage PCA Autocross

Porsche 911 CarreraTook a break from the regular autocross season for a one day event for the Silver Sage PCA group Autocross their first autocross event in some 8 years.  They were hoping for a turn out of 20 cars to break even for the event and they got really close.  While you had to be a member of the Silver Sage PCA you didn't have to drive a Porsche at the Autocross event.  Of course with plenty of Porsche cars running an autocross event I was a happy kid in a candy store ready to get my film on.

I showed up way early on Saturday as Jonathan had asked me to help setup and I got there chaulked some cones and Jonathan asked me if I'd run through the course in my car just to see if it was as easy as he had intended and I'm sure I'll drive my friends nuts who always tell me I should take the Jetta autocrossing. I drove the course not hell bent on getting a fast time but just wanting to make sure it was easy to follow.  I have to say all those times walking the courses with fellow autocross junkies may have rubbed off a little bit as I found the course super simple and easy to follow.

Silver Sage PCA AutocrossWith that done it was just a matter of time for the Porsche cars to show up.  A handful of 911s but mostly it was a field of various generations of Boxsters and Caymans with a Mini Cooper S Clubman and later a Ford Mustang 5.0 GT (which belonged to one of the 911 drivers) rounded out the field of cars.

With less than 20 cars it made for small run groups and before long people were getting the hang of things and having a good time.  I was film and shooting and just enjoying my time there as well.

Some interesting cars showed up in the parking lot.  From the totally rad '80s Corvette to a bone stock Acura NSX with a smattering of other Porsche cars in the mix.  I was really enjoying the day that was for sure.

Acura NSXAs this was the groups first autocross it was more of a fun go at things but there were definitely some stand out cars like the White with Black trim Cayman S (a regular autocrosser actually) and the two new 997 Carrera and Carrera S.  The Carrera S was a color that is rarely seen and is called Linen White and came with color matched rims (something I wasn't to keen on really). During the second half of the day the White Carrera owner went home and got his two week old Mustang 5.0 GT and brought that back to toss it around.  Unfortunately a lot of people went home after the lunch break so there wasn't a lot of cars to film the second part of the day.

You can check out all the pictures here -- SSPCA Autocross.

And the videos can be found here -- Speed Matsuri
And here are a few of them.  I apologize for the wind it was such a windy day that my wind buffer didn't really do a good enough job of knocking it down. 
The 997 cars

The new Boxster S

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