Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 Northwest Motorfest

Porsche 911 Turbo To be honest I usually complain about the Northwest Motorfest like I complain about the Roadster Show.  It's all going to be the same damn cars as there always is and it's going to be hot and just not really interesting enough to even bother going to.  I could better use the time to do something better.  Then I found out that they were going to hold a Miss Roadster show,  well that was new.  And I figure I could waste the time being a little pervy (like everyone else) and take some pretty pictures of pretty girls.  And maybe just maybe there will be something cool and new.

On the cool and new part well yeah that didn't happen the only thing that I don't mind seeing every year is Todd's Porsche 911 Turbo.  Love seeing that car and spotted it right away.  So I killed some time wondering around looking and snapping a few pictures here and there.  There was a replica Transformer Bumblebee Camaro on display but LOL it wasn't movie correct at all. And their "meet the real life bumblebee" was a dude in a bad halloween costume I'm sure the kids wouldn't care but I just thought it was rather lame.  I also noticed that there were a lot less cars this year then previous years. You can check out all the pictures from the show in this set -- 2013 Northwest Motorfest

2013 Miss MotorfestAt the appointed time I arrived where they were going to hold the Miss Motorfest contest and holly hell they didn't start on time at all.  And worst of all they had the contest area set up in the wrong direction with the sun behind them so all my shots have a lovely sunburst in them for the most part. That and since I didn't want to lug a second lens around I was stuck with just shooting with the kit lens.  And I was shooting film with the DSLR as well so there is a lot of gaps and what not in the video as well as two girls not in the video as I was busy at those times talking to friends who just showed up.  I was also slightly disappointed that one of the very lovely ladies that I saw in the group didn't even do the show. 

2013 Miss MotorfestThe event was a two-parter the first part the interviews and introductions is what I went to.  The winning announcement was going to happen at 1:30pm (of course considering how late the interview part was it would be more like 2:30pm) and I sure as hell wasn't going to stick around that freaking long or bother coming back so I don't know who one.  If it was up to me either the lovely Asian lady in the skull dress or the multi-colored hair lady in the black sailor dress would have won. 

With that over with I decided to head out but figured I'd check out the flea market as it was free for people who paid for the Motorfest.  Thought I'd see if I could find some good prices on some Hot wheels and I scored when I found a 25cent Porsche 911 GT1 car from 2008? And even better was the 10cent Porsche 911 Turbo in a little cover thingy.  There were a few Hot Wheels here and there and I did find the Treasure hunt Toyota 2000GT (actually several of them) and the Ford Mustang chase car from the Fast and Furious collection but I didn't have the cash and they were the same price as you can get them on ebay so I passed on them.  But I did see them and touch them. 

With that I was heading home.  I enjoyed the Rockabilly Miss Motorfest,just wish I could have taken better pictures and videos.  Also enjoyed seeing Todd's Turbo again and even better getting a sweet deal on some toys and getting to see some friends.  But I was totally right about the same old same old as far as the cars went.  But they did sucker me with the Miss Motorfest though. 

Here's the video for the Miss Motorfest

And here's the video for some of the Holeshot Nationals

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