Thursday, July 11, 2013

July's First Saturday

Porsche Coffee & CarsAs the first Saturday of July was last weekend I headed out to the Porsche Dealership for the usual Porsche Coffee and Cars meet and drive. Of course I had some other things going on that morning so couldn't go on the drive. I was also planning on going to the usual VW group First Saturday as well but my nap kinda ran a little long (LOL didn't wake up until midnight) so this blog is all about the Porsche event this time around.

The annoying thing about missing the VW Group meet is that I didn't get to show off my newly painted rims to the group.  POO!  Well I also didn't get to show off my now separated extendable antennae which I accidentally ripped off the car after washing the windows.  

Porsche 911While the fix for that may take a while I did go to the store on Monday (after I got paid) and picked up a tape to mp3 jack thing that I could use with my mp3 player.  Well turns out my mp3 had died on me a while ago.  Granted it was a free 256mb job from like 5 years ago it was time to update.  I just picked up the cheapest one I could find.  So at least I have some tunes in the car for now.

And back to the Porsche Coffee and Cars.  So I showed up early after cleaning my windows and breaking my antennae took some shots of some various cars they had on the lot.  I totally forgot to come back later at night and shot the 911 C4 under the lite up awning they have later that day.  And waited for the regulars to show up.

Snapped some pictures away told people about the BBB stuff if they didn't know where to find it and basically had a good time chatting about and looking at all the nice cars that were showing up. Usual crowd nothing to exciting of course it didn't help that the 4th of July was earlier that week and people had other plans but still 20+ cars showed up.

Porsche 911 Targa It's been a while since some nice Long Nose 911s showed up and this time we had two blue Targa cars show up.  One was an S model and the other was a T model.  Looked really identical too.  Of course the better of the pictures of one turned out to be fuzzy so rather annoyed me a bit.  You can see the rest of the pictures here -- July's Porsche Coffee and Cars.

It was getting time to leave and one of the guys in the club who had wanted to talk to me about something has still not shown up but thankfully he showed up in the nick of time and of course dropped a very unexpected and awesome request on me.

Porsche 911 He told me that I was being invited to tag along to the Sun Valley Road Rally that was coming up at the end of July.  At first I was like crap I don't have paid time off until August and I really don't think I could afford to go as the hotels and everything were going to be nuts.  He told me that nope I was going to be the clubs guest and that I wasn't going to need to worry about anything.  Well hell the only thing that worried me after that was getting the time off.  So I told him that I'd have to think about it and see if I could get the time off.  But yeah I was so floored by the invite that I really didn't know what else to say...  Awesome!

I thought about it and figured there was a way that I could still work the full week and not even worry about paid time off.  So I'm going hell or high water to this years Sun Valley Road Rally with a bunch of Porsche people.  Should be fun.

So I did another film shot from a different place.  Don't like really but you live and learn I did add a little something something to the end though.  Don't know if I like that either but here it is.

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