Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Jetta: Part 15

_MG_0914Figure it's a good time to do another Project Jetta post as a few things have been done to the Jetta since last time.  Since Part 14 way back when it's mostly been a maintenance program of changing oil and adding other fluids.  That was until about two weeks ago when the A/C Compressor decided to seize up at the corner gas station late at night.  Since then a good number of things have happened.

To be honest the A/C issue started way back in winter when something went wrong with the compressor.  I unplugged it and freed the A/C clutch and I thought that was the end of it for then.  And yeah up until the whole thing seized up two weeks ago the car has been doing great.  I was going to the replace the rear brake shoes but they looked to still be in good order but I noticed that the wheel bearing may be going out and decided to replace that.

That ended up being an easier job than I thought it would be thanks to a friend with a press.   So wheel bearing replaced and rear brakes checked.  Also both sides have new grease.  It was after that that it was time for the A/C compressor to give out. Thankfully it didn't do it at work during the week.  I got lucky and it gave out on my day off at the corner store.  As it was late at night everyone was sound asleep so I had to figure out how to get the car home and I did the best thing I could think of and simply removed the belts and drove it home on the battery.

'89 VW Jetta GLWith that I had to decide if I wanted to keep the A/C or remove it.  I figured that it would be easy enough to find a non A/C pulley at the junkyard so I'd do that for now.  Of course every single car at the junk yard had A/C so fuck it I got a new A/C compressor.  $36 later and several hours of damn I should have put the car on jack stands work later the car was running again.

Of course during all this I got out of the car one to many times grabbed the side of the loose trim piece and popped it off even more.  FUCK!  I thought I broke it but I noticed how they were hooked in and was able to save the trim piece by removing two of the good ones from the center and moving them to the end.  Since I was able to fix the driver's door I decided I'd fix the passenger door as well.  So yeah I fixed my door trim the same day I fixed the A/C compressor.

Then there was this weekend.  I kept getting crap for how bad my rims looked and someone said I should just paint them so that they'll just at least look better.  And that's exactly what I did this last weekend.  The other stuff I pretty much didn't take any pictures of but the tire painting I got several pictures of. 

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