Friday, August 16, 2013

2013 IR208

Import Revolution 2013August brings us the best Import and Sport Compact car show in the Valley with the Import Revolution show downtown.  This is Import Revolution's third show and the second one downtown.  This year to beat the heat they started the show in the afternoon and went into the night.  I headed down at the start to chat up some friends and take some pictures.  And apparently get a parking ticket.

More on the parking ticket later.  The good thing about the Import Revolution is that you'll rarely see the same cars over and over again.  And if it is the same car something has more than likely been done to it since the last show. And that's reason number one why this show rocks compared to any other show in the valley.

Import Revolution 2013I took a look around before busting out the camera and chatted up some friends for a little bit before wandering off to take pictures.  And pictures I took.  Lots and lots of them.  I'll be honest I got there early in the hopes of getting good pictures of cars before they get packed in like sardines and because of the heat I tend to bounce after I get a picture of all (OK mostly all) the cars at least once.  I definitely got over heated and had to grab a water before I was done.  I did remember to soak myself in Sun Screen so that was good but by the time I was finished with the pictures I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my head.  A clear sign that it was time for some cool A/C and a cold shower.

Check out the entire picture set here -- IR208

Import Revolution 2013I got to my car and got in and noticed the one dreaded thing a parking ticket...FUCK!  I wasn't expecting that as I know I wasn't there for 2hrs but it wasn't for that it was for parking in a no parking zone.  What?  So I have to go check that out and see if I was complete idiot at parking or if they totally fucked up with the ticket. Either case it just ruined an otherwise great day.  And of course some of my friends witnessed the ticketing as well.

Yeah that definitely wasn't a good thing.  Now for the aftermath.  What I liked and didn't like we all have opinions and they may not always jive well with what others like.  I like the euro cars for sure but there were plenty of nice Japanese cars as well. I really liked the Datsun 510 wagon.  I'd have to say it was actually my favorite car of the show actually.  Luckily it also won as best old school Nissan.  Back to those euro cars all the Volkswagen cars were tossed all over the place.   There were some here some there and some way over there.  I really liked the black R32 mostly because I haven't seen it.  Every one else I see every month really.  There were few other euro cars this year though a handful of BMW cars and one Porsche even. Just a little 944.

Import Revolution 2013Speaking of winners here is the complete break down of winners from this year's show. Congrats to everyone who won and see you all next year.

Best of Show: Eli - camo Subaru STi
Promoters Choice: Derek Slyter's RB-swapped 240SX
Peer's Choice: Seth's bagged, red WRX

Best Pre-2001 Toyota/Lexus: Anders Bergvall's AE86
Best 2001+ Toyota/Lexus/Scion: Dexter Yee's Scion XB
Best Pre-2001 Nissan/Infiniti: Chris Henrietta's Datsun 510 wagon
Best 2001+ Nissan/Infiniti: Duskin Terteling's R35 GT-R
Best Pre-2001 Honda/Acura: Jeff Woodyatt's 2000 Integra Type-R
Best 2001+ Honda/Acura: Matt Elliott's Honda S2000
Best Pre-2001 Mitsubishi/DSM: Zach Mendiola's 98 Eclipse GS-X
Best 2001+ Mitsubishi/DSM: Alex Hribik's Evo X
Best Subaru: Seth's bagged, red WRX
Best Pre-2001 Mazda: Ben's FD RX-7
Best 2001+ Mazda: Jocelyn Evan's Mazda 3
Best Volkswagon: Ryan Lewin's VW Beetle
Best Euro: Alex Cordova's E46 M3
Best Domestic: Travis Etchart's Pontiac Solstice

Best Race Car: Cameron Eisenman's IS300
Best Female Build: April Spring's Integra
Best Stance: Matthew Ramos' EG Hatch
Best Wheels: Matt Baker's ADV.1s
Best Graphics: Jesus' Honda Civic
Best Motorcycle: Shaun Kinzer's GSXR
Best Stereo: Kagen Mateer's Subaru Legacy
Best Interior: Jesus' Honda Civic

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