Saturday, August 31, 2013

Arid Club Car Show 2013

Arid Club Car ShowLast year I just sorta heard about the Arid Club Car show from the Silver Sage PCA and decided to check it out.  I didn't do much socializing at the time since I didn't know that many people and checked it out.  Well Wednesday was time for this year's Arid Club Car Show.  With the Silver Sage PCA getting invited they showed up in mass (actually filled their half of the parking lot to capacity ) with a lovely variety of old school and new cool cars. The other side, filled with cars from members of the Arid Club, had another variety of machinery lined up.

To be honest I was really looking forward to seeing that lovely 964 Turbo but it was not there this year but there was a lot of other cool stuff to look at as well.  Besides the litany of Porsche cars on both sides there were a couple Replica cars a Cobra built locally at Gear 6 Performance and a Jaguar Roadster which looked really nice for a kit car.  But if you like the old school Muscle cars there were plenty of those around as well.

Nissan GT-R R35 While the muscle cars are not my cup of tea I took a liking to the two Nissan GT-R R35 cars. One straight from the dealership and one that may or may not have been the one at the Sun Valley Road Rally.  Both also may have been Black Edition cars as well.  But this was only two out of the three GT-R cars that were there.  Mind you the other one was parked out in the spectator parking lot.  

Speaking of the spectator parking lot I found a good bunch of cool cars out there as well.  The ever popular white 911 GT2 that I just love. A black BMW Z8 with red interior (not my favorite interior color choice though) that just looked smashingly good, but damn those oem rims looked very....dated on that car (again, just my opinion).  And there was some more nice old school American classic machinery out there too.

Porsche 911 Carrera Now back to the Silver Sage PCA part of the show.  Like I mentioned before there was a great mix of the old school and new coolness.  While my favorite Porsche was sitting out in the spectator parking lot there were some cool stuff in the car show was well. But instead of me just telling you about them all you can just look at the pictures.

You'll find them all here -- Arid Club Car Show

Bentley GTCWhile wondering around snapping the pictures I ended up finding a reflector that looked brand new (didn't have any road grim or dirt/dust on it so Jonathan and I looked at the cars to see if we could find the car that it belonged to but no luck.  Turned it into the Arid Club just in case someone came looking for it.  By then it was getting close to the end of the show and I was waiting to see who would win the categories but they never did announce the winners (at least not at the show out side) and while I was waiting I was dared to sit in Dennis Dillon's Bentley GTC,  I had to laugh as I'm pretty sure Dennis over heard this as an older gentleman just looked at me with a dreaded look in his face.  But I declined the dare. After that I realized it was rather late so headed home to get ready for work. 

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