Monday, August 12, 2013

August's First Saturday Events

Porsche 911 TurboOh yeah another month another First Saturday event day.  Fist up of course is the Porsche Coffee and Cars meet and drive followed by the Volkswagen group meetup.  Typically I don't go on the drives as I usually have other things I need to do on Saturdays before the VW meets but as this months VW meet was going to be very late at night it gave me the opportunity to tag along on the drive. 

August's Porsche Coffee and Car event was huge.  It had the largest turn out of the year with 31 cars in attendance, many new comers were out as well.  Autocrossing buddy wasn't out with his new to him 996 Turbo though.  After getting a lot of pictures I hoped in a Boxster for the ride out to Black Canyon Dam by way of Horseshoe Bend (which I've never been to until then) and back home again.  It was a fantastic drive all back country curvy roads with little traffic and luckily enough no pedestrian traffic either.  It was also interesting listening to the tails of my driver's life (who happens to be semi retired and drives a school bus to maintain his two Porsche cars.  And of course what did I do the first meeting with my new badge, I forgot it at home.  Oops. 

Here are the pictures from the event -- August Porsche CnC

VW BeetlesWith some time before the Volkswagen night photo meet I took a nap and worked on the pictures from the Porsche event.  When 9pm finally rolled around it was time to meet up at Cabela's for the drive out to Nampa to take a bunch of pictures of Volkswagens at the Nampa Discount Tire store.  To be honest I hate driving the car on the grooved freeway as the car shakes rattles and feels like it's going all over the place on the road.  But I sucked it up and charged down the freeway white knuckle driving at its most annoying.

Got to the store in one piece and proceeded to take pictures.  It sort of worked like an assembly line of sorts we had three areas for shoots and rotated cars in and out of them.  At first I though oh well we'll just take pictures of the cars at each one but it was decided that in order to get all the cars in and out in a timely fashion that one photographer would be stationed at each of the areas and just shoot that.  We were short one photographer so I ended up shooting cars in two booths which got a little crazy as I ended up feeling really rushed and while I still got lots of great pictures I know I could have done better given more time.

Here are the pictures from that event -- VW Night Shoot

With that another fun and exhaustive First Saturday came to an end. 

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