Monday, August 26, 2013

Cars and Coffee, Boise ID

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Yes, finally Boise, ID, has had it's first REAL Cars and Coffee event.  There has been some people who have done the whole hey lets gather at a coffee shop and shoot the shit with our generic cars and call it a cars and coffee and of course the Silver Sage PCA club does their own little take on the cars and coffee thing, but this, this was different. An organized effort by three guys set up a Facebook page and set about inviting some of the cool cars in the Valley to the first Cars and Coffee in Boise, ID.

The Cars and Coffee gathering was held at the Star Bucks located at Eagle Rd and Franklin in the North Parking Lot (It used to be the parking lot of several different small niche fast food joints but is empty now).  As that area is a heavily trafficked area many cars just happened to see the event and stopped by to check it out as well.  We also got to see several other cool drive by like a second Tesla S a Shelby Cobra Replica and other 911 cars.  The great thing about that parking lot is that it has a lot of room to grow and the bad thing about that parking lot is that it's also right in the middle of the Star Bucks drive-thru route.

Volkswagens!In a nice case of build it and they'll come a nice and eclectic collection of cars showed up for the first event.  The Unnamed Treasure Valley / Boise Area Volkswagen group was invited, which is how I heard about the event, and our group showed up with a nice assortment of the VW kind.  I also heard that the Silver Sage PCA was also invited and some of those guys showed up with their other cars.  And the guys responsible for the event did a good job of rounding up a good assortment of other cars for the first event.

I took a ton of pictures and you can check out all the cars that were there for the event in this flickr set -- Cars and Coffee.

Porsche 911 GT2 I know I keep saying that there was an eclectic variety of cars there but that's exactly what it was.  There was really something there for everyone to like.  Of course being the Porsche fanatic that I am I was in love with the the 911 GT2 which oddly enough turns out to be a car I've photographed before.  It was the one I shot at the Arid Club Car Show (which is coming up again this Wednesday) last year that was formerly owned by one Jason Stathom.  Seriously cool if you're into that celebrity thing but still cool if you're like me and just like the 911 GT2.

Then there was the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 car.  Sweet car and for me another tick off on my Bucket List of cars I want to take a picture of.  It was definitely cool seeing that up close for the first time.  The list definitely got a little shorter this year.   And to be honest I could probably go on and on about all the other cars there and even joke about how rare it was to actually see two running Porsche 928 cars there.  But I think I'll just end it here for the moment and say that this was definitely a cool event and I'm looking forward to next months event.  Odds are good that we'll have some more cool cars show up.  Maybe a Lamborghini or two.

Here's a short video of the Skyline

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