Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hot Wheels Hunting

HW Boulevard Porsche 993 GT2Oh dear lord what the hell have I gotten my self into.  When I worked for Wal-Mart all those many years ago I hated the Hot Wheels collectors mostly because they would make a mess of the toy isles and they were not the nicest people to deal with.  Once we opened 24hrs though we hardly saw them just the aftermath in the mornings. Now some how I've become one of those Hot Wheels collectors.  Granted I'm nice enough not to leave a mess or be rude to people.

That and I'm a really picky hunter.  It started with the many many Porsche 911 cars that Hot Wheels has been releasing for a while now.  The 997 GT2 and GT3RS then it branched out a little bit to other Porsche cars and then HOLY SHIT!  They made some cool Japanese old school Skylines!  Yeah it went staight down hill from there.  Hunted and hunted for the Hakosuka and the Kenmeri followed by the RX7 FB cars all thanks to the Japanese Nostalgic Car's website and the toy maker Jun Imai.  And it hasn't slowed down from there at all.

Hot WheelsNow though I pretty much pick up anything that I think is cool.  I totally had in my hands at one point the Flintstone car and the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine but since I didn't care about them I put them back.  I shouldn't have as I probably could have traded them for something cooler like the Treasure Hunt Toyota 2000GT.  Actually probably not they aren't worth anything on eBay.

In any case I've been Hot Wheels Hunting for some stuff and I seem to be on the loosing end of finding the cool shit (I don't have any trouble finding the normal cars) that I actually want and of course thanks to the stores no longer stocking any new Boulevard cars or Flying Customs I've had to turn to eBay for a few of my must haves. But I did get lucky once.

Hot WheelsWe had a Toys R Us open in town a couple months ago and I was there on opening day and scored big with two Hakosuka and 510 wagon Boulevard cars.  Highly sought after and damn hard to find even on eBay at the moment.   So I tried my luck at a recent Wal-Mart opening as well and that's were I found the real Hot Wheels hunters, those crazy collectors I talked about earlier.  Some of them were not bad but others holy hell.  I didn't luck out at all this time around though.  But I did find something cool at another Wal-Mart a day later. The Morris Mini from the Italian Job Retro Entertainment pack and I loved the rims so much I bought it, broke it open and swapped out the rims with one of my Kenmeri Skylines.  Made it look so much better.  That's when I realized just how far I've fallen down the Hot Wheels collecting rabbit hole.

I've been taking some pictures here and there of the collection and you can check it out in this set -- Toys and Hobbies

First modded Hot Wheels carsI've been following two other sites (besides JNC) to get the latest updates on new releases and they are
The Lamley Group (which makes me try harder at photographing my itty bitty little diecast cars) and Kelvinator21 which hasn't updated since the first of July.  There was one other site that I found some time ago in a foreign language but now I can't find it anymore but it also had the latest and greatest news on new releases. If you're reading this and know what site I'm talking about I'd like to know or any other.  Found the site after a bit more digging.  It's called T-Hunted!

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