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Sun Valley Road Rally 2013

Porsche GMG Racing 911 WC-GT2About time I get this written up.  It's been a couple weeks since I went to the 2013 Sun Valley Road Rally.  I have to say it was an awesome week.  In short I drove a Cayenne and a Panamera and when I wasn't driving something cool I was watching some cool cars go flat out on Hwy 75 in Ketchum which is what the Sun Valley Road Rally is all about.  Fast cars going fast to raise money for the Blaine County Community Drug Coalition of which they raised more than $1mm during the event.

To be honest I didn't think I would be going back to the Sun Valley Road Rally for some time since we were there in 2011 for several reasons.  But at the July Porsche Coffee and Cars event I was invited to go with the Silver Sage PCA and Porsche of Boise.  So....I wanted to but I didn't know if I could get the time off.

Silver Sage PCA Sun Valley DriveThankfully, things worked out. I had the vacation time and we were able to hire someone in time for me to go.  That means I got to Drive a Cayenne from Boise to our first stop of the drive to Sun Valley with the Porsche group.  I have to say it was a huge improvement over my Jetta.  From the first stop to Redfish Lake I rode in a tricked out 911 Targa which was great until we got stopped about half way there due to construction.  Did give me a chance to get out and take some more pictures.  And I was fast realizing that I really need to invest in a gopro camera setup.  As it's really hard to film or take pictures from either the drivers seat or the passenger seat.  Those hand little gopro cameras would easily fix that.  From Redfish Lake to the hotel we were staying at I drove the Cayenne again.

Picture set from the Drive -- SSPCA Drive

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport VitesseI have to say working at a hotel gives you an entirely different outlook on other hotels.  I was actually shocked to find my room sans a minifridge (I figured every hotel had minifridges and I mean hell the room had DirecTV but no minifridge or microwave for that matter) and it smelled like a litterbox.  And not an oh there's been an animal in the room.  Nope this was more of a you need to pull out the carpet and padding type of smell.  After discovering all that good stuff I took the Cayenne to the SVRR Parade and show to check out all the cool cars and do the parade.

At the Parade I finally got my first up close and personal look at a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse (yeah that's a long ass name) there where other cool cars there as well.  The parade was cool and after that it was dinner with the SSPCA and Porsche of Boise.

Picture set from the parade and show -- SVRR Parade

Porsche GMG Racing 911 WC-GT2RSThen came Saturday.  Got up early headed out early got set up early and had to move.  I was rather disappointed as photographer that we were so far back from the action (for safety reasons yo) and since I didn't know I was going I didn't get a chance to put in my name as a pro photographer who got to shoot a lot closer to the action.  But enough about that lets get to the action.  Before this year not a single car has been able to achieve 200mph this year however,  it was utterly smashed and on the first run as well.  The GMG Racing WC-GT2RS owned by that Idaho potato farmer hit 209 something on his first attempt.  DAMN!  And the speeds went even higher.  Then we had a bit of a rain delay but some sprinkles didn't slow down the Bugatti cars.  With it's wipers one of the Bugatti cars hit 230+mph.  And it sounded freaking awesome.

Picture set from the Road Rally -- SVRR Event

Soon enough the action was over I had taken a bunch of pictures and videos watched some awesome cars go way fast and just had a blast.  Morning rolled around soon enough and I caught the F1 race while I was catching up with the Idlers 12hr race that was going on over in Japan at the moment.  Lots of cool racing was happening around the world that weekend.  Meet up with the Porsche of Boise folks and hitched a ride back home with them instead of having to wait until the afternoon to drive the Cayenne back home.

Porsche Panamera Of  course that just meant I got to drive a new Panamera 4 home instead.  I have to say for as big as they look it was surprisingly easy to drive and was just an awesome ride until the buzz in the front driver side speaker started.  I didn't break it I swear.  It wasn't bad though just annoying and we made it back home safe and sound got back in the Jetta and forgot how to drive it for a couple blocks.  All in all I had fantastic time thanks to the the Silver Sage PCA and Porsche of Boise and I just can't thank them enough for the wonderful oppurtunity to tag along and enjoy the automotive eye candy and to drive a couple cool cars.  I also became an honorary member of the Silver Sage PCA group as well.  I even have a name badge as well.

And that's it.  You can find the videos on my YouTube channel but here are a few.

My favorite the GMG Racing machines.

And what everyone else loved, the Bugatti cars

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