Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cars & Coffee -- Sept 2013

Nissan GT-R R35Been a while since I've blogged but today I bring you the second of Boise, ID's own Cars and Coffee Event.  Last month it was hazy because all the smoke this month it was overcast like crazy because of a storm front.  Amazing what a month can do.  The event was moved just slightly to the East or to the Parking lot of the big office building next to the Star Bucks.  That allowed us to deal with less Star Bucks traffic.  This month a bunch of new cars showed up to the event.  Lets go even bigger for number three, the last for this year.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

September First Saturday

Porsche 911 CabrioletActually it's more like September Porsche Coffee and Cars as that's the only event I made it to as I slept straight though the VW meet up time.  Oops that's the second time I've done that. So yeah this month's First Saturday was a quick outing to the Porsche Dealership to take some pictures of Porsche cars visit the Silver Sage PCA members and check out the all new Porsche Panamera.  On the Panamera front I think it looks a lot better the first generation cars.

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