Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cars & Coffee -- Sept 2013

Nissan GT-R R35Been a while since I've blogged but today I bring you the second of Boise, ID's own Cars and Coffee Event.  Last month it was hazy because all the smoke this month it was overcast like crazy because of a storm front.  Amazing what a month can do.  The event was moved just slightly to the East or to the Parking lot of the big office building next to the Star Bucks.  That allowed us to deal with less Star Bucks traffic.  This month a bunch of new cars showed up to the event.  Lets go even bigger for number three, the last for this year.

Lamborghini GallardoThe parking got a little out of hand though.  I kinda felt a little out of sorts from being one of the first ones there and following directions regarding the parking.  I had a lot of space around my car but looked like a total tool.  At least that's how I felt, but I wasn't going to move my car.  Soon enough other cars started arriving.  First exotic to arrive was a Lamborghini Gallarado.  Haven't seen one up close and personal before so that was nice.  Not a bucket list car but still a nice car to check out and a definite crowd-pleaser.  I didn't get a real chance to talk to the owner as I was busy flitting about taking pictures like usual but I heard he was really nice and cool.

Where the event last month had one new GT-R this month's event had three of them and one of them was a fully kitted Carbon Fibered model.  Saw the Hello Kitty car again and it was looking much better as it was now only sporting two Hello Kitty vinyl stickers instead of the way to many from IR208 of 2012.  But I guess she had removed them ages ago and I guess I just haven't seen it since then.

Porsche SpeedsterOn the Porsche front, only one showed up this time around a lowly 964 Speedster (Needs more RWB!!! -- Speaking of RWB, wore my 7Tune RWB shirt to the event and the owner of the CF GT-R said awesome shirt...sweet.).  An awesome car when it's top is down showing off it's cool feature.  Of course since the weatherman said it might rain the top was up.  And those tops are a pain in the ass to take down and put up so the top staid up...poo.  Also this is the one I saw at last year's Oktoberfast with the sheepskin seat covers.  It still had those seat covers and I still hate them. However, if the owner loves them, who am I to complain. 

Add in an assortment of various Japanese cars and European cars and I have to say it was a good event with a decent turnout.  The next one will be the day before this year's Oktoberfast (Oct 12, 2013) and hopefully the sun will be out for some great pictures.  Which by the way I saw a lot of cameras out but other than my pictures and a handful of other camera phone pictures I haven't seen much else from other people.  Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places.

VW Golf GTiAs for my pictures you can find the entire set here -- Cars and Coffee -- Sept 2013

Sorry, no video this time.  So with the second event in the bag here are a few things I saw that were worth noting.  Portable trash cans -- cardboard boxes with liners perhaps.  Seemed with more people and being further away from the dumpster (kinda a good thing really) there was a bit more trash left about after the event.  Then there's the parking.... yeah that needs some people.  Mostly from the people listening (maybe have a map of where certain cars are to park before hand on the facebook page?) to where staff tell them to park and staff staying on top of it.  Maybe get some extra volunteers at the event to help as well (NOT IT! but I can bring the trash boxes or get some from work before hand.).

Ford AC CobraAfter the event and on my way to check out autocross I passed by the indoor karting place (Fastlane) and saw what may (or may not) have been an original Shelby AC Cobra.  Looked awesome and I couldn't pass up the chance to take some pictures.  I took my next month's flyer into Fastlane to show the owner.  When I got to the autocross event they had just started lunch so I tooled around the parking lot taking some pictures and talking to some of the other drivers there who I knew had other cool cars to bring out.  Also found a cool looking original Morris Mini just chilling out watching the autocross event and gave him the information about the Cars and Coffee event.

So I'll see you all out there at the next event and lets make it a good one and even bigger and better than this one.  

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  1. Great write up Greg and thanks for the support. We want to continue to make the event better on all aspects! Keep showing the support and we will do what we can to make more and more improvements :-)


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