Thursday, September 12, 2013

September First Saturday

Porsche 911 CabrioletActually it's more like September Porsche Coffee and Cars as that's the only event I made it to as I slept straight though the VW meet up time.  Oops that's the second time I've done that. So yeah this month's First Saturday was a quick outing to the Porsche Dealership to take some pictures of Porsche cars visit the Silver Sage PCA members and check out the all new Porsche Panamera.  On the Panamera front I think it looks a lot better the first generation cars.

On the picture front of things.  FFFFFUUUUU..... Damn low morning sun. Yeah it's staying darker longer and the sun doesn't like to come out until a little later than usual now and that casts some long ass shadows where the cars park and I get some odd shadows taking pictures of cars lined up how they are.  Makes for some rather crappy in my opinion pictures when I'm sitting there editing them.  So I'm not entirely pleased with the pictures this time around but I did take some better ones when the cars were leaving. Thanks to the fast that I forgot the tripod (but hey at least this time I remembered my name badge) so I didn't take any video this time. 

Porsche Boxster S For the Porsche group this will be one of the last events for the year (If October weather holds out and is nice they'll have one then as well) so you'll definitely be seeing less of the First Saturdays save for the VW group meets which also get smaller and smaller during the cold months.  We'll see how things hold up.  Have a few more events for the rest of the year but fall is in the air and the camera gets taken out a little bit less and less.

As for the cars that showed up this Saturday I was surprised by the turn out of new cars.  A new member who just moved from back east brought out his 996 mk2 Carrera and some regulars brought their new to them Boxster in a lovely strange green color (Malachite Green Metallic).  I loved the color and I've never seen it before.  Then there were the pair of 356 C cars that came out for the first time.  Both were lovely examples and dang they really made you want to go look in every abandoned barn for an example to fix up.  Stuffed with donuts and plenty of pictures taken it was off to run some errands that needed to be done that morning so I did not make it on the drive (damn you roommate) but I did catch a glimpse of a Lamborghini Gallardo (either that or a Noble or some other midsized mid-engine exotica with a roof.) and yet again because of the errands couldn't chase it down.

Porsche 356CEnded up getting home and feeling a bit more tired than I thought decided to take a nap which ended up being more than that as I slept well past the meet up time for the VW Group meet and drive.  I was instead woken up by my alarm clock that is set for work, damn.  

You can check out the rest of the pictures here -- Sept Porsche Coffee and Cars 

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