Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October First Saturday

Porsche 911 Turbo CabrioletI know October is just about done and this should have been written and posted ages ago but that's how busy October has been.  I've been busy every single weekend this month with photography stuff and I'm looking forward to the winter break where I can cut loose with some things that I've had on the back burner for some time.  But for the moment lets look back on the first weekend of the month at the two events that take place on the first Saturday of the month.

The first event of course is the always fun Porsche Cars and Coffee (which might get a name change next year to donuts and drive if some one has their day) at the Porsche Dealership early in the morning.  As it's fall and the daylight comes later and later taking good pictures gets a little more challenging so there isn't a whole lot of pictures and as I had other things to attend to I also didn't go on the drive.

Porsche 911Also this is the last Porsche Cars and Coffee of the year so this will be in all likely hood the last First Saturday post of the year as well (depending no the VW folks).  But even though it was the last one of the year it didn't see a smaller turn out.  If anything it was a good turn out even though the Porsche Oktoberfast was next weekend.  And as per the course there was a good number of returning cars and a handful of new cars to check out.  A new 997 Turbo Cab showed up and I was pretty thrilled to see that.

Here's the complete set of pictures.  I didn't shoot any video either as my battery was rapidly dieing due to me forgetting to recharge the battery and the cold weather zapping the rest of the charge.

Porsche Coffee and Cars -- Oct

VolkswagensWith that done, the other various items taken care and the battery recharged it was time for the Volkswagen meet. The VW meet has at least one more meet (this upcoming Saturday actually) this year for sure but December might be a no go depending on the weather.  But for this meet we met at the usual place and headed out to do an late afternoon photoshoot at the Idaho Shakespeare place way out at the end Boise. It was a nice little drive out there and even though I took the tripod I didn't think I needed it until much later but once I started editing the pictures I was like well that was dumb.  I needed to use the tripod much sooner.

It was fun took some pictures saw some deer, tried to take pictures of them but failed (they refused to stand still dang it) and you can check out all the pictures in this set.

October Cold as Balls Meet

With that we are most likely done with the First Saturdays posts until next year, probably in April or May depending on Mother Nature.

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