Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hot Wheels Hunting

Been a while since the last Hot Wheels Hunting post and I've been busy spending more money than I'd like and wasting more gas than I should all for 97cent cars.  The good news is that I'm currently good on my collection (spoke too soon, just found the C Case assortment) and I have lots of extras and things I can trade with.  I'm also working on something for the Facebook page in the form of a give-a-way but more on that latter.

Since the last Hot Wheels Hunting post I hit up another K-Mart event and lucked out by getting my number drawn in the first round.  Awesome, save for the fact that I didn't find a Super Treasure hunt or the Love Bug.  Interesting enough not a single Super Treasure Hunt was found in all the boxes at the store that I went to.  We also didn't have a number of cars in the B Case assortment.  To be honest it was a much better K-Mart event then the first one I went to.  I gave my friend my receipt and several card backs so he could send of for the drag bus because I'm just not at all interested in that car what so ever.  Great for trading but I'm not about to spend that much money for a "free" mail in car.

Various HotwheelsIt took a while to hunt all the B case cars down that I wanted but I did manage to find every thing I wanted and some I thought worth collecting.  Including a good number of Treasure Hunt cars and the even more rare Mars Rover.  I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with Mars Rover but for now I'm just keeping them.  I've also found a handful of cool Matchbox cars as well.  A new Cayenne Turbo, Audi R8 and the new BMW 1M coupe. 

I tried to take some pictures but I didn't like any of them and I haven't gotten around to to trying to do some more.  I have uploaded the various cell phone snaps but they are not all that great.

Last couple of weeks of hunting I've realized a few things and then I read on The Lamley Group blog that he was trying to get people to leave the regular Treasure Hunt cars behind and it got me thinking about things and wondering if I really needed all those Night Burner and RX7 Treasure Hunt cars or any of the other ones that I've found.

Various HotwheelsAnd you know what I've discovered, I don't, they don't fit in with my normal collection and just about everyone I've talked to want to only trade Super Treasure Hunts for the same so if I want another Toyota 2000GT I'll need another Super.  So I'm thinking that I'm going to clean out my collection of stuff I don't really need or want and go back to just getting the Euro and Japanese cars that I want. I'll definitely pick up Super TH and Regular TH cars that fit in my collection but other than that I'm not bothering unless I just happen upon a Super TH then I'll pick that up to hold on to it for trades but I'm going to leave all the Regular ones behind.  

And because it is the Christmas season I'm taking an assortment of the Regular Treasure Hunt cars and giving them to Toys for Tots. Kind of a weird turning point in my hot wheels collecting journey but one that I'm happy about.

Oh and the give-a-way.  How would you like to win those two JDM Treasure Hunt cars and two Speed Matsuri stickers?  I'm reading up on the rules of how to do that on Facebook and look forward to a chance to win them on the Speed Matsuri Facebook Page

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