Friday, November 1, 2013

Cars & Coffee -- Oct 2013

Ferrari 550 BarchettaAs we continue "the catch up our blog posts for October" it's time to take a look at the last Cars and Coffee of the year from here in Boise, ID.  I would have to say that over all the Boise ID organized Cars and Coffee events have been a huge success this year and I'm very much looking forward to an even better year in 2014.  So how was the last Cars and Coffee of the year?

For starters the event saw the biggest turn out of the year with I'd have to say a good 40 cars in attendance.  No new bucket list cars though but a new Ferrari showed up, a nice red 550 Barchetta.  Thanks to my many visits of Steve Harris Imports while I was in college I've already seen one of those bad boys but for the rest of the people I'm sure it was a nice treat.  Now if we could just get all the other Ferrari cars rolling around town to join in the fun. The only other Italian exotic was the Silver Gallardo that was out last time as well.

Porsche 911 Carrera SAside from the Italian exotics there was again a wide range of cars in attendance I of course liked the Porsche 911 even if I always see it at the Porsche Coffee and Cars meet. But we all know how much I love the Porsche brand. And Sunday I worked hard at the Porsche Car show to get some of the drivers of the more interesting Porsche cars interested in coming out next year's Cars and Coffee events.

As I'm always there with a camera stuck to my face it was nice to get a chance to get a bit of a birds eye view from the 5th floor of the Portico Office Building where the building's manager let us up there to snap some pictures.  It wasn't until I got home and was editing the pictures that I noticed that my shirt was reflecting in the window so not many of the pictures I took from up high turned out due to that.

Cars and Coffee -- Boise, IDAnd I was rather enjoying photographing all the cars and bikes that were there.  You can find all of the pictures on flickr here -- Oct 2013 Cars and Coffee.

Last time I complained about a few things like people leaving trash around so I brought a box from work and trashbag and we set that up and it worked rather well.  It was full at the end of the meet and other than a couple lone cups, that saw, the trash all made it into the box. I'd have to say that was a good idea.  As for the parking all the good stuff was parked in the middle while it was a free for all for everything else.  I could still grumble about people parking way to close to each other for photography reasons but meh I just have to wait be patient and some one will usually move giving me my photo chances.  I think it all worked out rather well and didn't have anything to complain about or see needing improvements.  And I can just save up boxes from work easily enough (might bring two next time though) for next year.

Austin Healey 100So yeah this was probably the best so far we just need to get the word out more to get some other cars to show up because lets face it people go to Cars and Coffee for the exotics and rarely seen cars and not the generic see it every day cars (and yes I know I'm not one to talk but I'd gladly give up my spot at the event for something more unique and interesting).

With that all in mind and like 6~7 months before the next one lets all work on finding those exotics and unique and rare cars and get their drivers interested in coming out to next years events.  

I just about forgot that I did manage to take a video at this event of a few cars taking off from the event.  And while no one really got on it I almost got the BRZ getting sideways turning around but didn't get the camera in position soon enough.  Also did you see that the last video has currently 7k views so far.  Crazy what a R34 will do for views.

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