Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oktoberfast 2013

Porsche Cayman Continuing with our wrap up of October events it's time to take a look at my most looked forward to all car shows in the valley -- the Silver Sage PCA annual car show called Oktoberfast.  This is I believe my 5th year going to this car show and it never gets old.  OK so I do see a lot of the same old same old cars every year but at least they are cars that I enjoy looking at so it's OK (probably what makes the very repetitive muscle car shows, that bore me, in the valley successful as well).  I'd have to saw the show is about 75% seen it before and 25% new hotness.

Of course like always I also had a good time checking out the cars out in the parking lot as well.  More on that later.  For the first time I spent a bit more time chatting than just wondering around taking pictures so there isn't a huge amount of pictures.  I skipped the dealer cars this year but I do believe I was there long enough to at least take a picture of every single entrant at the show.
Porsche 911 GT3
Here is the flickr set -- Oktobefast 2013

I have to say that I rather enjoyed the 997 GT3 twins those two where my favorite by far.  It was nice to see the 964 Cabriolet back in top shape after it's little mishap at the BBB.  But damn that was the only 964 there.  Where are all the 964 cars at in the valley dang it.

While chatting with some people up a man asked me what I'd do if I had $60K to spend on a Porsche as he was looking to buy one but wasn't sure what the best purchase would be.  He was wondering if it would be better to spend the money on a newer Cayman/Boxster or an older 911 and what the operating costs would be like on them.  I suppressed my first instinct to straight up suggest getting Walt's 993 for as low as he'd go (think he had it up for 28k) and going with a RWB kit.  I mean that's what I'd do but I don't think he was looking for something like that.  I eventually pawned him off on a more knowledgeable member of the SSPCA to help him out a bit more and I wondered off to take more pictures.  In all the chatting and picture taking I also missed out on picking up a new 911 poster this year as well, all they had left were Posters of the Cayenne and Panamera cars... poo.

Porsche 911 I had to leave early and I haven't seen a list of all the winners the only one that I know of is the best of show and that went to the gentleman with the Silver 991 C2S.  If I find out the rest of the winners I'll update this post with them.

While I was wondering around chatting and taking pictures I was doing my far share of chatting up a storm about the Cars And Coffee event trying to get some people interested in next year's events including Max who happens to have a nice collection of other interesting cars (at least a couple Ferraris)  that he could bring to the events besides his black 930 Turbo.   I had help though thanks to Troy who has also been helping get the word out about the Cars and Coffee event.  It was in the parking lot though that we found a few other interesting cars and drivers who we chatted up as well about the Cars and Coffee event.

Acura NSX You can see the flickr set of  cars in the parking lot here -- Oktoberfast 2013 parking lot.

It was interesting driving to my next little event after the car show as I saw several other Porsche cars rolling about in the valley.  Then I saw something really interesting at a gas station but that's a story for another blog. 

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