Sunday, December 8, 2013

GT500 Lexus SC430 -- Swan Song

With the conclusion of the 2013 Super GT season we close the book on the mighty GT500 Lexus SC430 race car. A car I honestly never liked in the Super GT series because of the car it was based on.  That didn't mean the car didn't rack up some serious wins in it's racing lifetime. But now it's time for the SC430 to ride off into the sunset and make way for it's new replacement the RC-F.

Born in 2006 the GT500 Lexus SC430 replaced the ever impressive GT500 Supra and in it's debut season took home the championship something the SC430 will do two more times (2009 and 2013) before being retired.

I figured the SC430 would have been replaced sooner with the advent of the Lexus LF-A as it looked like a great racer after seeing how the Gazoo Racing car did in a handful of races but it was not to be. Now that I think about it wrecking a LF-A in racing would be hugely expensive adventure and with the LF-A's short lifespan wasn't advantageous to keeping it around for years of racing.  So what would the replacement for the SC430 well earlier in the year we were introduced to the new 2014 GT500 replacements.

All three GT500 models had to be replaced to meet the 2014 FIA regulations.  The Nissan GT-R didn't change much but Honda replaced the popular HSV-01 with the soon to be available Acura/Honda NSX.  Then Toyota/Lexus came out with the RC-F.  The GT500 RC-F looks absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait for it to be covered in racing liveries.

When the three cars were first introduced the Lexus RC-F didn't head out to the track to do some laps unlike the other two.  However, either during the JAF Sprint race or the Gazoo Racing event we did get a glimpse of the new RC-F on track, to bad it was in wet weather. Little is known about the new car save for that it meets the 2014 Regulations and that it'll be powered supposedly by a front mounted Turbo Charged Four cylinder engine.  Should be interesting next yar.

Here is video of the GT500 Lexus RC-F

Now it's time to say farewell to the 2013 GT500 Lexus SC430 cars
Team Zent Cerumo -- 2014 GT500 Champion

Team WedsSport Advan

 Team Denso Kobelco

Team KeePer Tom's

Team Petronas Tom's

Team Eneos Sustina
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