Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 TOYS for TOTS @ BK Industries

Mitusbishi Lancer EVOHoly hell this is a late post.  In large part it's due to my sever lack of motivations that I've been suffering from for some time.  I still have videos from the last autocross that I haven't even taken off the card yet.  In any case a nice break during the holidays and a huge announcement that I'll be making shortly.  But lets take a look back at middle of December and very last event of 2013.  The 2013 TOYS for TOTS at BK Industries car show and toy drive.

Frank has been setting up the event for the past couple years with the help of BK Industries where the event is held.  It's a basic toy drive for the car enthusiast in the area to show off their cars and collect toys for the less fortunate kids in the area so that they can has a wonderful Christmas too.  This year the toy drive collected three and a half boxes for those kids.

Toys for TotsI did my part and brought with me 7 hot wheel cars (5 of them were Regular Treasure Hunts) and feeling like I'd be neglecting the girls some also brought a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic figure as well (I'm not a brony but I do enjoy the show).

With my contribution dropped off I set about taking pictures of the cars at the event.  There was a wide variety of machinery from all walks of life.  From the awesome Nissan GT-Rs to the clapped out Hondas there was something for everyone to either like or hate depending on your tastes. I did like the turn out of VWs that's for sure. 

Subaru BRZI absolutely froze my fingers off taking pictures and visiting with friends but it was all worth it for a good cause. But the freezing fingers and gimp friend (his hurt ankle was bothering him something fierce) meant we left a bit early during the event so I probably missed a few cars at the event.  In any case you can find all the pictures that I took on flickr in this set -- (2013 TOYS for TOTS)

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