Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 GoodSmile Racing and TeamUKYO

Like years before GoodSmile Company announced their Super GT racing program at the Winter Wonder Festival.  They showed off the new car design and 2014 Racing Miku design not to mention the team members and the lovely Race Queens.  And I noticed something very different as well.  There was a new name and surprisingly absent from the Team name was Studie.  Where's Studie?  Well they went their separate ways and went on to start another Super GT team this year in collaboration with BMW of Japan. So yeah there's that.

So of course there is a new banner for the new name and with it a new slogan -- 7th year's a charm.  There is good news and a good chance at claiming that final podium at the end of the season with NOB back behind the wheel, which is always a good thing, and he is teamed up with another great driver Tatsuya Kataoka.

This year's staff members are the same save for the departure of  Bob Suzuki . That meant that GoodSmile Company CEO Aki had to step up to become Team Owner though.  Of course what most readers are really interested in is either the lovely Racing Miku illustrations or the lovely Race Queens.

On the Illustration side of things the person responsible for the 2014 Racing Miku illustration and livery on the car is Oguchi and the person responsible for the outfit design is Koyama Shigeto (From Gainex and big robot fame). Racing Miku looks like she's packing a pair of Turbos on her hips but other than that oddity she looks cute as always.  The car looks cool too.

Now for those lovely Race Queens.  Two are returning from last year and two are joining the group this year for a total of 4 members.  They haven't reveiled the Race Queen outfit yet but I'm thinking it's going to look way cool if not a bit awkward with those Turbos on their hips. The ladies are -- Returning this year are Tsukasa Arai and Sena Kougami. And the new comers to the team are Kelal Yamamura (Former Team Mach GoGoGo RQ)and Noa Mizutani (former Zent/EVA RQ).

I'm looking forward to following the team this year and I've followed just about everyone that I can on twitter (lol not a sole is following me though) and of course I have stuff bookmarked and or liked on Facebook for all the goodness.  Of course there will be the normal Sponsorship deals through out the year and I'm of course waiting for the Racing Miky Figma set before I buy mine but if you're loaded and want to get your name on the pit board sooner rather than later you can join the basic set right now if you so wanted to.

Here are some very important links to check out to keep up-to-date with GoodSmile Racing and TeamUKYO.

Sites -- the place to buy your sponsor sets -- the GSR shop



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