Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 Boise Roadster Show

Ah yes the start of the automotive season is always the Boise Roadster Show.  I always complain that it's always the same blah blah blah.  But the bikini contest on Friday is a good draw.  Always good for page views and honestly I got nothing better to do on a Friday night anyways. So off to the Roadster Show I went.

This year I took my Video Camera, point and shot and the monopod.  I was a bit worried that I'd be told I'd have to leave it in the car (it does look like a club) but I didn't get hassled about it at all.  Since I wanted to make sure I got a good seat for the bikini show I did a quick once around the show looking at as on offer.  Yup sure enough a bunch of the same old same old.  And oh hey look at that the show seems to be shrinking in size.  I really don't think they can keep billing the show as the largest in the what ever the hell they say it is.

I did find a nice bug and a chopped up Jaguar XK 120 that was being worked on and that I want to see when it's done.  But I just wasn't all that impressed by the hot rods and muscle cars and the vast amount of trucks.  There were a lot of trucks of various sorts.  And then there's the venders seemed like there were plenty of venders.  No Harley Girls this year though.

I looked at the time and I had plenty of time to kill before I needed to grab a seat so decided to scope out the toy venders for hotwheels and holy shit I found both the Cylon raider and Datsun 240Z Treasure Hunt car that I've been looking for.  I didn't bring cash and I didn't see a sign for credit cards so I was like poo can't has.... and then it was time to grab my seat.

While I waited for the show I texted that I was getting lots of looks and comments about the camera and monopod people were jelly and saying that they wished they had thought of that as well.  I'm just happy that it was working out pretty well.  now it was time to test it out the video camera and the monopod with the Bikini Contest.

And it was a small turn out of talent this year (just like the show) and a lot of the talent had a lot of tattoos so it wasn't really a surprise for me when the ladies who won were those without many or no tattoos.  I love tattoos but unless you're in a tattoo show odds are you wont win a bikini contest vs girls without tattoos or small tattoos.  Just saying.

I got some OK video footage but somehow the audio got messed up so some parts don't sync up right but it's there for you to watch and enjoy.  With the bikini contest done (and after dropping my video camera...ouch) I decided that I was going to get those hotwheels that I wanted and took to the ATM sucked down the surcharge and picked up my hotwheels only to notice that the lady pulled out an iPad with a Credit Card reader.  Damn, I should have asked.  Well shit but I got my toys and finished taking pictures of the show.

I kinda hate that the point and shot only takes jpeg images because then I can't really adjust things all that well in Photoshop like I can with the raw files but for the most part the pictures turned out pretty dang good.

Here are the rest of the pictures -- 2014 Roadster Show

The pictures I did get of the winners from the Bikini Contest -- Winners!!

And here is the bikini contest video

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