Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catching up Post

This is my... Oh My where has the time gone! Lets get caught up on things post.  Seriously it's been a busy time at work and I just never feel like writing anything when I get home from work.  So there has been a lot of things going in life that I havne't posted about.  From First Saturday meets and Cars and Coffee to Autocross events.  Hell I haven't even finished videos from one of the Autocross events.  Man I've really slacked off on the blogging bit.

So since The Roadster Show there was of course April's First Saturday Meets.  That means I was at the Porsche Coffee and Cars and since I'm working for Porsche of Boise now I was getting paid... Oh yeah.  That's fun.  We took the Cayenne GTS on the drive which went out to Marsing?  Some place I've never been out to.  Nice lots of pictures.  All of them uploaded to the Porsche of Boise Facebook page and not on flickr.

I'm goig to try and embed the albums here for your

If that doesn't work just like us on Facebook and check out the album there.

After the Porsche thing headed out to meet the Volkswagen freinds and we had a good time.  You can see those pictures on flickr in this set -- Pics in the pit

Porsche Generations
With that done we headed into the middle of the month and the first regular Cars and Coffee event.  Had a pretty big turn out for April more than we expected and some nice cars as well.  You can check that set out here -- April C&C

Porsche 911
Then came May and another First of the Month event day. Of course first up was the Porsche Coffee and Cars event. This time rode in a Panamera out to some Golf Course way out in rural Caldwell.  Interesting drive.  Those pictures I did upload to Flickr though.  You can find that set here -- May Porsche C&C.

May VW Meet
Then it was off to another VW meet this time not so many pictures.  Ended up getting Pizza instead of  going on a drive because no one wanted to go on the drive.  You can find the pictures here -- May VW Meet.

I'll put the Autocross events in their own post so look forward to that.  

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