Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Boise Roadster Show

So I went to this year's Boise Roadster Show again and did my typical thing.  Filmed the Bikini Contest and took some pictures of the cars.  A lot less pictures than usual because like always there just wasn't a whole lot there that I enjoyed. More on that later.  More Bikini Girls later as well.

Work didn't have a booth this year again and everyone was like oh you guys usually have a booth there yadda yadda yadda.  I don't know why but I think a large part of it is because our brands are outside the general coolness factor of what people are looking for at the Roadster Show.  So yeah.  Although I did see the Sprinter Airstream there again.  Man you can do a lot with a Sprinter.

When I got to the show I did a quick look around and ran into some people I know before I grabbed my seat for the bikini contest.  I also looked at the Hot Wheels that could be bought and pretty much came away without buying anything this year.  But I did remember to get cash before hand this time so didn't end up spending $6 in ATM fees like I did last time.  Ouch.

Roadster Show Bikini ContestGrabbed my seat and lucked out this year and didn't have any obstruction in the way of filming the ladies.  Still didn't get any really decent shots of the girls but the videos turned out OK I think.  I tried to zoom in and out on one video and after having a mess with that gave that idea up quickly maybe I'll have to manually focus it next year.  Who knows.  You'll find links to videos at the bottom.

After the bikini contest I did my picture taking and I have to say that monopod works wonders most of the time but is not a save all.   So looking around some of the things that caught my eye was this awesome custom VW Bus that looked somewhat like the Hot Wheels Kool Kombie and I tried to get some good pictures of it but hardly any of them turned out great due to the Bus being parked in a dark area of the show.

vw karmann ghia Drag carI also saw a nicely restored Jaguar E-Type and liked that a lot but was hugely disappointed that the XK120 that was at the show last year that was being customized wasn't there this year to see the progress.  I wish there were more old school Japanese and European cars at the show but what are you going to do.  I was also bored with the boring Nissan GT-R that I didn't even bother taking pictures of it. As much as I complain about the same old same old there didn't seem to be an over whelming since of that this year.  Maybe because I just tune out things that I've already seen and focus on what I haven't seen yet.  With that in mind I finished taking my pictures and headed home forgetting entirely that I wanted to go back and look at the Hot Wheels one more time.  But such is life.  Now onto the next adventure for the year.

Here's a link to the rest of the pictures -- 2015 Boise Roadster Show

Then here are the Winners of this years Bikini Contest

And here are all the ladies you can find the rest on YouTube

YouTube Playlist -- 2015 Boise Roadster Show Bikini Contest

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