Saturday, August 13, 2016


So it's been a while. Things have changed.  Things have happened and well like many automotive blogs Facebook has taken up a good majority of posts and updates. If you haven't seen it the Facebook page is right here -- Speed Matsuri (it's also right there over to the left) and unlike this blog I try to update the page rather frequently (well a lot more than the blog anyways).  And a lot has been done to the Jetta as well and I need to update the project posts on that as well.  And then there is the big thing that has happened to me as well. 

The big thing that happened to me?  Well at the end of June I checked myself into the hospital as I wasn't feeling great and my right foot was seriously hurting and not getting better.  They gave me bad news and worse news.

The bad news,  I'm Diabetic Type 2.  Yeah didn't know that and holy hell what a shock that was.  I Blood Sugar level when I checked into the hospital was three times the max level.  I was very close to the edge of not waking up one day.  But that wasn't the worst part.

The worse news, my foot was hurt so bad because I had an infection that had spread to the bone and was bad enough that it had literally eaten one of the bones away and there were three different strains of staff infections.  The only fix...partial amputation of the right foot.  That's right I can now only count to 15.  Had a good 1/3 of my right foot removed.  Thankfully everything is healing up great and I'm getting used to the change and getting around pretty well.  Scooting about on a knee scooter for now. 

Of course this whole process has had me laid up and out of commission for photography and I missed out on some awesome events like the Sun Valley Road Rally and the couple of Cars and Coffee in the valley but thankfully I'll be back in action soon (next Cars and Coffee is next week) and even better back at work. I've missed out on a couple of awesome cars damn it.

Now losing the partial foot is bad but I'm doing good the only really big thing looming over my head now are the hospital bills.  That have total at the moment a little over $66k (thank you Obama) because I couldn't afford health insurance.  So we set up a Fundraiser to help me pay off the bill and it was doing good there for a while raising almost $4500 which I used to pay bills and some medical expenses but it's now stagnate.  So hey here's the link if you could share it or contribute that would be awesome.

You Caring Fundraiser

That's whats been going on since last I've post and I'm going to try to post more when I can.  Don't expect much though.   

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