Monday, August 15, 2016

Project Jetta: Part 17

It's been a while since I've done the last Project Jetta update but I've done a bit of work to it. However, I've still got a laundry list of items that still need to be done.  So where to start well lets look at were we left off with last time.  The last time we visited Project Jetta I replaced the heater core and the water pump.  Since then I've moved to a different house and honestly a good majority of the projects got put on hold as I didn't, at the time, have a place to work on the car.  Things have changed and I'm getting the garage organized to be able to start working on the car again.

That doesn't mean we haven't done things to the car in the mean time.  As you can tell from the picture I'm rocking some different rims (which are still currently running on winter tires fuuuuu) got them for a deal from one of my friends.  Need to be refinished that can wait until winter though. 

Have also replaced most of the lights with LED bulbs, need to install the resistors so I can install the second set of turn signals and have them blink at the correct rate.  Kinda expensive but super nice and bright and in my opinion a great upgrade.  I just need to finish it.  Should do that this week while I have the time. 

I'm so close to having all the parts to install a new to me set of cup kit lowering springs.  I just need to purchase a set of rear bushing before I install them.  Again that might have to wait for a while .

I also have rear brake shoes but when I looked at the ones on there currently they didn't need to be replaced yet but that was a little more than a year ago so it might be time to re-visit that idea pretty soon. 

Things I have replaced since last time is the combo of the overflow tank and level sensor.  That was due to a constant leak from what I thought was the tank but was in fact the sensor but because they had fused together well yeah both had to be replaced.  Also in that same area of the car was a replacement of the windshield washer nozzles and tubing since they had broken last winter. 

And now I'm sitting here thinking of what else I've done to the car since last time.  Oh yeah simple but one of those things.  Had to replace the Thermostat sensor and while I was at it replaced the sensor next to it that at the moment I can't think of what it was called again.   And I've also had to replace the battery this spring as well.  Pretty much done a lot of maintenance and upkeep work on the car as well as some upgrades since last time and now with my little issue working on the car has taken a back seat at the moment save for a few little things I have planned.

One of those little things is replacing the shifting knob on the car the old plastic one has seen better days and is on it's last legs. I've had to glue it together twice and it's just not staying tight on the lever anymore.  It's annoying so at the moment I have a new one in the mail that should be here soon. 

For now I'm done and I'll right more when that shift knob arrives, including a new list of things that need to be done to the Jetta, so until then... Motor on.

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