Sunday, September 4, 2016

Porsche Coffee and Cars

Saturday was the monthly Porsche Coffee and Cars event and this month the drive went from the dealership out to a little ol' cafe in Ola, ID, before heading to Emmet, ID, and finally back to the dealership.  This was my first event back since the surgery and the first drive I went on this year.  Porsche of Boise has forgone the drive with the group since Ted left so I have to bum rides with other Silver Sage PCA members which can be interesting because you learn more about the people that way.

Even with the area smoke screen from the various wild fires the drive was beautiful for the most part and rather exciting on some of those back twisty roads.  Some of the group got separated thanks to some traffic lights but it didn't take long to catch back up to the group.  

The first stop was at a cafe in Ola which I've never been to in fact I've never been to that part of Idaho before so it was a new journey for me.  The stop lasted a little longer than expected but once we got going again it was off to another brief stop to let our extra guest switch cars.  More on our extra guest a little later.  With that done it was on to Emmet with a very twist hill climb a head.  But be fore that we encountered the FUZZ.... Oh noes! It was all good the Sheriff just flipped on his lights briefly to remind us to behave.  And we did... well for a while.

At Emmet we gathered up at the gas station again and some drivers peeled off there to head home  while others continued on to the dealership.  We got back to the dealership a little after noon and even though I was just riding along I was pooped.  So for me it was back home to edit pictures and at the bottom is a link to the photo album with the pictures.

So a little bit about out extra guest.  Melissa joined the drive as the special guest as she won the auction for the ride along at the annual Boys and Girls Club fundraiser auction.  The Silver Sage PCA donated the ride along and Porsche of Boise gave her some nice Porsche gifts as well.   This was Melissa's first time riding in any Porsche and she was treated to rides in a 70's 911 Targa, a 997 Carrera, the gorgeous 356 Super 90 cabriolet and finished off with a ride in a 997 gen 1 Turbo.  Melissa got back to to the dealership with a smile on face and some good memories.

That picture album is right here -- Sept Porsche Coffee and Cars 

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