Sunday, May 28, 2017

Project Jetta: Part 19

It's been a while, life has been interesting and in the middle of all that the Jetta had an issue.  An issue that required a new transmission and a new set of axles.  Oh yeah Part 19 is a big part.  A lot of things got fixed and changed. So where do I start? How about where we left the last part.  replacing the passenger side axle.

So after replacing that axle a few weeks went by and soon enough some sludge was leaking out of the breather valve of the drivetrain.  Shit well I don't have time or money to really look at why it's doing that and everything seems to be working fine.  I'll take a look at it when I can.

Fast forward a month.  Hmmm... shit is still leaking and I though maybe it was contamination from changing the axle and the high speed grease some how worked it's way into the final drive area.  Checked the transmission fluid, shit it's light brown as well...what the fuck.  So I changed the fluids and drained the final drive as well.  Checked a few weeks later... shit it's fucking low and it's still light brown (I likened it to a melted frosty color).

Then life went really fuckery... had to move.  And by now the transmission was acting up revving high before shifting and not wanting to shift into gears at the right speed.  So at this point I took the valve body out of the transmission as I was thinking that was the issue.  I was going to take that apart and clean it out and try again.  More fuckery happened.  Two of the screws were stripped out of the valve body so could not take it apart and clean it.  Did the best I could and re-installed it and tried again.

FUCK! NOPE! That didn't fix it either.  So unlike just about everyone else on the planet I went looking for a used transmission and luckily found one for $120.  Sweet.  But now I don't have a place to fix it as I no longer have a garage to work in.

So with the help of my brother and his garage we got the transmission out and after a serious struggle that had a cherry picker, transmission jack and a regular jack all under or over the car at once we finally managed to get the transmission in the car and bolted up.

OK cool lets get the axles bolted up and test it out.  FUCKERY!  Oh shit everything I had read said that the automatics didn't change the hubs until 92 so never bothered to check the hubs.  Well that sucked and had to pick up a new set of axles (the driver side was pretty much toast and needed replacing anyways) and put those in as well.  OK now lets... actually since the car is pretty much taken apart at this point why don't we install those lower springs you have.  It won't take much more time to do that.  Well OK lets do that too.

At least that part went pretty much without any issues.  So now we have a much better transmission in the car along with new axles and it's finally got more low now.

BUT!!! Well now I have to figure out why the gear selector is having issues jumping in the gears from N to 2 and skipping D unless I go all the way to 1 and then go back up to D.  It only seems to be an issue when going down like the lock part is broken so that's the next issue as well as getting off the winter tires damn it.  

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