Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Porsche 959 -- Finally!

Wait there's a Porsche 959 in Boise?  And it not just passing through the area on it's way to some where else?  Well kinda sort of on that last bit.  It's here as part of the inventory of a little shop called Modern Classics.  Seriously if you like older Italian cars outside of Ferraris you'll want to check it out.  And as such it'll be here for a while longer before heading down to Arizona.  But then it might be back later or night who knows.

But here's my story of the Porsche 959.  It started back in either Jr High or early High School with a one off magazine made by the editors of Road and Track that had only exotic cars in it.  That magazine is long since lost to the ages. Inside the magazine was the Porsche 959 in red.  And I fell in love.  I already liked the 911 but oh my God a Porsche that can do 200 mph!!! (in that time the only Porsche that could do that was tuned by RUF) and it's AWD and oh man it looked so cool.  But then it sort of went away and became one of those things that you didn't hear much about here in the states.  Well until Bill Gates got his hands on one and got it road legal and all of a sudden the 959 was hot again.

My first encounter with a real 959 was actually at a dealership in Seattle on a trip there with my then roommate Scott.  We stopped in to look around and they showed us the only, at the time, 959 in Seattle.  Up on a lift with the back end taken off exposing the engine and duel turbo's.  They wouldn't let me take pictures of course but there it was.  Now they didn't say it was Bill's but well we did the math.

From there I honestly never thought I'd see one again in person especially not in Idaho.  Then one day a black one rolled through town with a Ferrari from Montana on their way to a car show somewhere else.  I could have got dressed, crept out to the motel parking lot and been a creeper like every other car bro in the city but I was like nah I'm good.

Then Max at Modern Classic Autos posted a picture and there it was sitting in a shop in Boise, ID, and I had to check it out.  Now we all drooled over the 918 Spyder and I've seen the few 911 GT3 RS cars that have passed through the dealership and of course Oktoberfast but by golly the 959 just hits a spot in that Dreamcar feels spot.

A little texting back and forth and on the day after my birthday I met up with Max at his shop and got a look at the other cool cars in his shop before going for a ride in the 959 to the gas station before heading over to a spot to grab some pictures.  What a ride.  Really just the feeling of sitting in there and experiencing it all.  Just made my birthday for sure.

A huge thanks to Max at Modern Classics for letting me take up his time on a Saturday.  If you're looking for something cool and different you should definitely hit him up.  You never know what he'll have in his shop.

Some interesting links to check out:
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you can check out his inventory here -- Modern Classic Autos

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